About me,I am B V P SAI KUMAR. I am very much interested in programming.I usually code a lot in my free time and ofcourse every day I end up coding and learning something new.

Coming to my educational qualifications,I am currently pursuing my 3rd year of B.Tech ECE in Sagi Rama Krishnam Raju(SRKR) Engineering College.I completed my Intermediate in Narayana college Kakinada.And my 10th class in Bhashyam Public school,Tuni.

Most frankly,I have a very little opinion on academic results.But I am so deliberating and endeavouring about what I learn and how extent I can unconfine my creative limits.

I am a hobbyist having eloquent skills on languages Python ,JavaScript ,C ,C++ ,Web Technologies like HTML ,CSS ,PHP ,BOOTSTRAP,MySQL and my core interest fields are AI ,Genetic Algorithms ,Deep Learning,Data Analytics.I have a little skills and hands on experience with Sass ,Arduino ,Java. I have completed online courses on IOT,CyberSecurity powered by Cisco.I am certified by IITB for Arduino and Java.Also I cleared my NI LabVIEW CLAD examination which is my greatest achievement until now.

Also I easily adopt to latest technologies,This website stands as an example for that statement as this site is hosted on Google Firebase as a Static site.I made my own comments section and subscription section using Firebase tools.

I hope this site acts as my e-resume.Here I will post as blogs everything I know and I am going to learn and also I place my projects upto date in this site and also on my Github.Kindly subscribe to Newsletter to stay tuned.

Below is an expo of all my Certifications.
for Deep Learning by NPTEL
for C++ by SOLO LEARN
CLAD by NI for LabVIEW
for IOT by CISCO
for JAVA by IITB

I am also available as a freelancer.To contact me: